FLIR TAU2 with USB3 or GigE interface

USB3 and GigE modules are designed and manufactured by Workswell for easy and user-friendly PC connection for all FLIR TAU2 cores. Both USB3 and GigE modules support slow as well as fast TAU2 versions and automatically detects image stream from the core. TAU2 core is controlled and supplied from USB3 or GigE module through 50pins Hirose interface connector. Whole internal electronics is protected by metal enclosure.

USB3 Module is supplied directly from USB3 cable without external power source needed. Very low power consumption decrease needs for special cooling. USB3 module is fully compatible with USB3 Vision and Gen-I-Cam protocol.

GigE Module is supplied directly from Ethernet cable (PoE) and its low power module consumption decreases a need for special cooling. GigE module is fully compatible with GigE Vision 2.0 and Gen-I-Cam protocol.

Workswell CorePlayer software automatically detects USB3 or GigE module, TAU2 core type or wrong IP address settings. Pixel resolution is setup for specific core in 8 or 14 RAW data format. Temperature values can be shown in different color palettes with interactive side bar and measurement tools. Users can manage core parameters such as Gain, NUC, Factory Reset, etc. There is also tutorial application, Linux and Windows dll libraries and C# application code available. CorePlayer Application is included for free of charge in every USB3 module package.

Moduls for FLIR Tau2 cameras
Type FLIR Tau2 USB3 FLIR Tau2 GigE
Manufacturer Workswell s.r.o. Workswell s.r.o.
Resolution Support all FLIR TAU2 models all FLIR TAU2 models
Communication Protocol USB3 Vision and GenICam GigE Vision and GenICam
Pixel Depth 8/14 bits RAW data 8/14 bits RAW data
Image Buffer 128 MB 128 MB
SDK support Windows and Linux library Windows and Linux library
Module Dimensions 47 x 46 x 48 mm 46 x 48 x 54 mm
Weight 110g 130g
Datasheet FLIR Tau2 USB3 FLIR Tau2 GigE